Hellveros(ヘルベロス Heruberosu) is a giant robot that appeared in Episode 2 of Saikyo Robo Daiohja.


Hellveros has a humanoid body structure with a muscular appearance while wearing blue armor. It wears a helmet on it’s head with a crest between it’s blank white eyes.


After Mito and his two guards arrive on planet Birdland, they help out with the villagers to fight against an evil Lord named Ryoushu and his partner Rubitai who plan to clear the lands so they can dig for the remains of the first dragon for it’s riches. When Mito and his two guards face them, they reveal Mito as the Prince of Edon and they show off their giant robots to prove it. After Mito, Skade, and Kurks fight off the Birdland Mechas, Ryoushu and Rubitai appear in their own two mechas, Zolveck and Hellveros, with Ryoushu piloting Hellveros. Mito and his two guards combine their giant robots into Daiohja to fight against the two. After Daiohja destroys Zolveck, killing Rubitai in the process, Ryoushu gets Hellveros to use it’s Double Swords to fight back. After Mito sees that Ryoushu didn’t care that Rubitai has died, he gets Daiohja to summon Tenko Raimeite, which is the shield on the chest, to pull out the Raimaiken. The two giant robots duel each other with their own swords until Hellveros knocks Daiohja down with a missile. Hellveros is about to lay the final blow, but Daiohja uses Triangle Beam where it fires three beams from it’s exposed chest and traps Hellveros in an energy pyramid. After Daiohja places the shield back on it’s chest, Mito has it perform Denkou Raimei Kuzushi and slice Hellveros down the middle, blowing it up in a massive explosion that kills Ryoushu. With Ryoushu dead, the village is freed from his tyranny.


Double Swords: Hellveros’ main weapons are two giant swords that it pulls out of it’s back.

High Jumping: Hellveros is able to jump high in the sky.

Missiles: Hellveros can fire a missile from its left pec. It most likely can fire missiles from its right pec as well, but it was shown firing a missile from its left pec only.

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