Hellarigon(ヘルアリゴン Heruarigon) is a Battleputer that appears in Episode 3 of Gordian Warrior.


Hellarigon resembles a black ant, but has long body attached to it’s huge abdomen. It walks on four insect legs and has two small pincher claws. It also has two long antennas on top of it’s head, massive mandibles with an open “mouth” hole in the middle, and two yellow eyes near the back of the head.


After Soliders from an evil organization, called Madokuta, steal the secret blue prints of Victor City from a girl’s house, Daigo pursues them in the desert. However, he is informed by Roze and her little brother that one of Madokuta’s Battleputers is in the desert already, waiting to attack. When Daigo sees that the Mechacon forces have arrived to help out, he realizes that they are in danger so he heads back to his sister’s base to aboard in Gordian. As the Mechacon forces, led by Barihawk, pursue the Madokuta Soldiers, the Battleputer, Hellarigon, rises up from the sand. On Barihawk’s command, they fire their lasers at Hellarigon, but they have no effect. Hellarigon spits out fireballs from it’s mouth and destroys each of the Mechacon’s vehicles. Hellarigon then creates a sand pit to sink all remaining vehicles. Fortunately, Daigo arrives in time as Gordian(Garbin) and gets Hellarigon’s attention. The two giants fight each other until Gordian grabs a hold of Hellarigon’s long body. With Gordian winning the fight, the emperor of Madokuta, Dokuma, gets his sub-ordinates to re-input the attack code of Hellarigon. With Hellarigon reprogrammed, the Battleputer uses it’s antennas to wrap around Gordian’s head and left ankle to pull him down into the sand pit with it in order to bury him. Despite being mostly submerged in the sand, Daigo manages to get out of the sand when he exits out of Garbin as Delinger. Once freed from the sand, Gordian(Delinger) uses the sword to stab through Hellarigon’s head and pin it back into it’s abdomen. Gordian leaves the sword stabbed in Hellarigon and watches as the Battleputer blows up.


Burrowing: Hellarigon is able to burrow into the sand when it’s abdomen spins like a drill.

Fireballs: Hellarigon can launch out a stream of flames from it’s mouth that will form into a fireball before hitting it’s target.

Sandstorm: Hellarigon can create a sandstorm when it pulls it’s long body into it’s abdomen and drill through the sand.

Sand Pit: When Hellarigon pulls its body into it’s abdomen, it can also create a sand pit around itself to sink it’s victims.

Mandibles: Hellarigon is equipped with massive mandibles that allow it to grab a hold of it’s opponent.

Antenna Whips: Hellarigon is able to use it’s two antennas to wrap around any part of it’s opponent to get a hold on.

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