Hassha(ハッシャー Hasshā) is a Geister Robo from Episode 4 of Brave Exkaiser. It’s name could also translate as Hassher.


Hassha has the appearance of a mechancial green dinosaur with a tank-like lower body with three sharp claws in front of the tank treads. It has two big arms with four sharp claws and six-tubed palm cannons on each hand. It also has a slender head with red glowing eyes.


While Kouta and his friends were watching the launching of the Mars Rocket, Ptera Geist arrives at event with an Energy Box to steal the Mars Rocket. Ptera Geist places the Energy Box on the launch pad of the rocket and activates it, turning the entire launch pad into a Geister Robo called Hassha. Hassha, with the timer for the rocket launch still running, starts attacking the area and scares off everyone who came to the event. After Kouta called for Exkaiser, the Raker Brothers saw the Geister Robo and they arrived immediately to the scene. The Raker Brothers try fending off the Geister Robo, but when Ptera Geist interferes, Hassha was able to knock down Blue Raker with it's tailand grabs a hold on Green Raker with it's Clawed Toes. Fortunately, Exkaiser manages to make it in time and uses Spike Cutter to drive off Ptera Geist and destroy Hassha's Clawed Toes, freeing Green Raker. Once freed, the Raker Brothers combine into Ultra Raker and use Ultra Kick to destroy Hassha's tail. Exkaiser then calls forth the King Loader and combines with it into King Exkaiser. After King Exkaiser dodges Hassha's missiles, he summons his Kaiser Sword. However, before he could use Thunder Flash, King Exkaiser sees the Mars Rocket on Hassha and realizes that it will also get destroyed if he performs his finisher move. While trying to think of a way to save the rocket, the timer for the rocket launching runs out and Hassha begins to launch. King Exkaiser uses his x-ray vision on Hassha to find what spot to hit. He manages to find a spot between Hassha and the rocket and manages to slice them apart. After launching the Mars Rocket himself, Exkaiser confronts Hassha for the last time. When Hassha fires more missiles, King Exkaiser powers up his Kaiser Sword with the flames shooting out from the lion's mouth on his chest, shielding him from Hassha's missiles. King Exkaiser then uses the burst of energy shooting from his sword to slice Hassha down the middle, destroying it.


Missiles: Hassha can fire missiles from the 6-tube pod on each palm.

Tail: Hassha can use it's tail to knock it's opponents.

Toe Claws: When it's opponents are nearby, Hassha can grab them with it's Toe Claws located over the tank treads.

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