Hashida(ハシダー Hashidā) is the first Geister Robo from Episode 2 of the first entry of the Yuusha Series, Brave Exkaiser.


Hashida has the appearance of an red/orange Dimetrodon with gray legs and yellow, blank eyes. Being made from a railway bridge, Hashida’s entire body is made from the bridge itself with the cable fence acting as the back fins.


After the Geisters settle in their new base on Earth, Dino Geist orders them to steal a new Liner Motorcar so they can sell it as treasure. After failing to catch Liner Motorcar before it sets off with passengers, Ptera Geist goes to the railway bridge where it will soon crossover at. Armor Geist arrives as well with Ptera Geist's invention, a bug-like devie called an Energy Box, and throws it at the railway bridge. When the Liner Motorcar arrives at the railway bridge, the Energy Box gives it some Geister energy and uses the cables of the bridge to hold onto the Liner Motorcar. The Energy Box then transforms the railway bridge into a robotic dinosaur named Hashida. When Exkaiser arrives with Kouta, he sees what's happening and immediately takes action. After transforming, Exkaiser faces off with Ptera Geist and Armor Geist. With orders from Armor Geist, Hashida tries to crush Exkaiser with it's foot. Exkaiser manages to hold back against the foot, but can't hold on much longer. Fortunately, the Raker Brothers arrive on time and help out Exkaiser. While the Raker Brothers fight with Ptera Geist and Armor Geist, Exkaiser uses Spike Cutter to cut off the cables around the Liner Motorcar, setting it free. Before the Liner Motorcar falls off of Hashida, Exkaiser calls forth King Loader and forms with it into King Exkaiser. After punching Hashida, King Exkaiser catches the Liner Motorcar on time when it falls off and safely places it on the ground. Hashida then shoots a green ray from it's mouth at King Exkaiser, harming him. Seeing King Exkaiser is in trouble, the Raker Brothers help out by forming into Ultra Raker and holding up against Hashida. This gives King Exkaiser time to summon his Kaiser Sword and power it up with the flames shooting out from the lion face on his chest. King Exkaiser then uses Kaiser Flame to keep Hashida in place when Ultra Raker jumps out of the way in time. King Exkaiser then uses Thunder Flash, where he raises his sword in the air, then a blast of energy shoots out of the blade and into the sky. He then brings the sword down onto Hashida, making the blast of energy slice Hashida down the middle, destroying the first Geister Robo for good.


Mouth Energy Ray: Hashida can shoot a green ray from it’s mouth.

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