Gumogrin(グモグリン Gumogurin) is a Devil Beast from Episode 2 of Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger. It’s name could also translate as Kumogrin.


Gumogrin’s entire body is nothing more than a giant spider net made out of thread with four thread rolls around it. It has an evil smile on it’s face with eight sharp teeth and two blank, red, sinister-looking eyes.


After possessing a skeleton from a science lab in a school, Yaminorius III forms his body from everything in the room and uses an electrical cord for a staff. He summons his book again and chooses a monster. After performing a chant, Yaminorius III uses the room's chalkboard to summon a small creature called the Spider Devil Beast. Yaminorius III gets the Spider Devil Beast to create a giant web over the city and the small Devil Beast starts to use it's thread to pull vehicles and buildings up. When the boys arrive, one of them tries to save his sister and father(who was turned into a dog from the previous episode) when they get caught in one of the Spider Devil Beast‘s threads. The Spider Devil Beast cuts the thread off, but the boys manage to save the two. When Yaminorius III sees that the boys are fighting back again, he releases the Spider Devil Beast‘s power of darkness by using his amulet to create a giant symbol in the air right in front of it. The Spider Devil Beast enters through the symbol and comes out as a giant web of thread called Gumogrin. The boys call out their mechas and confront Gumogrin, but the Devil Beast threads a giant disc and throws it at them. The boys then change their mecha into their human forms and use their weapons against Gumogrin, with one of them cutting off the threads on the top of it's head. After the boys combine their mecha into Ganbaruger, Gumogrin immediately uses it's threads to wrap around Ganbaruger and spin it into giant tornado. Yaminorius III orders the Devil Beast to finish them off, so Gumogrin uses the threads on top of it to form blade. Gumogrin swings straight toward Ganbaruger as it spins into a tornado, but fortunately, the boys separated to dodge the blade in time and combine back into Ganbaruger. Ganbaruger then summons the shield to launch two rings to trap Gumogrin. Finally, Ganbaruger summons the Ganbar Sword and slices Gumogrin down the middle with Ganbar Final Attack, destroying it.


Spider Devil Beast
Spider Devil Beast

Webs: As a small Spider, Gumogrin can create threads of web that are strong enough to hold up buildings.


Yarn Bombs: From the holes of the thread rolls on it’s side, Gumgrin can launch out yarn balls that act as bombs

Thread Strings: Gumogrin can bound it’s opponents with the thread from the thread roll on top and it can spin them into a tornado.

Thread Blade: From the top thread roll, Gumogrin can form the thread into a blade.

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