A Devil Beast that appeared in Episode 5 of Ganbaruger.


Yaminorius III summons the Ant Devil Beast into the human world to have it create chaos by using it's gluttony for cake. The Ant Devil Beast goes around the town, bringing different kinds of cakes to life so they can all come to it to be devoured. The defense force tries to stop the chaos when they arrive at the site where all the cakes are gathered, but the Ant Devil Beast commands the cake monsters to shoot frosting at the defense force, covering all of them. Rikiya arrives at the site as Red Ganba to search for his little brother, who got eaten by one of the cake monsters, by destroying each one. With Kotaro and Yousuke's help, Rikiya manages to locate his brother in one of the cake monsters and saves him. Yaminorius III sees that the Ganba Team have arrived, so he uses his amulet to unleash the Ant Devil Beast's darkness, turning it into a giant cake box monster. When Kotaro gets Rikiya's little brother in a safe distance, the Ganba Team summon their mechs. After they attack the Devil Beast individually, Kotaro and Rikiya change Go Tiger and King Elephant into their human forms and the Ganba Team perform the Go Flame Attack. They then combine their mechs into Ganbaruger. After Ganbaruger punches Greamun, the Devil Beast launches it's Strawberry Missiles at them, but Ganbaruger survives it. Seeing that they survived, Greamun tries to run away, but Ganbaruger uses Ganba Fire to stop it from escaping. Finally, Ganbaruger uses the shield to launch two energy rings to bind Greamun and they summon the Ganbar Sword to destroy the Devil Beast with Ganbar Final Attack.


Ant Devil Beast
Ant Devil Beast

Burrowing: As the Ant Devil Beast, it can burrow into the ground.

Bringing Cakes To Life: As the Ant Devil Beast, it can bring cakes to life by sending a wave from it's fork. It can also command them to do it's bidding.


Candle Arm: Greamun has a birthday candle for it's right arm and can use it to shoot flames from the tip.

Strawberry Missiles: From the Strawberry Shortcake in it's mouth, Greamun can launch the strawberry toppings like missiles.

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