Graken(グラーケン Gurāken) is the first Cosmosaurus that appeared in Episode 1 and 2 of Space Emperor God Sigma.


Graken has a mechanical, dark gray-colored body with a long gray tail with a green tip, three green spinal spikes, and six prawn-like legs. Graken also has three heads connected to long necks with white ridges upfront. The heads feature three green horns with one on top and the other two on each side of the head, three large teeth around the mouth, gray head plates at the back of the heads, and long hexagon-shaped, yellow-colored eyes with black pupils.


The Fury Of Io’s Warriors

During an unveiling of three robots designed for space exploration at Trinity City’s Space Development Exposition, the city is suddenly alerted of unidentified space ships fighting with the Allied Forces of the Earth. The pilot of the main flagship leading the attack reveals they’re from the planet Eldar and their objective is the Trinity Energy within Trinity City. Fortunately, a young man, named Toshiya Dan, and the robots’ chief engineer, Julie Noguchi, use two of the robots, Kuraioh and Kaimeioh, to fight back and manage to stop the attack. Once the Eldar Forces attack Jupiter’s satellite, Io, which is also Dan’s homeland, to establish a fortress, the survivors make their way to Trinity City on Earth where Dan meets up with his old friend, Kiraken. Afterwards, the Eldar Forces send down a new weapon of theirs, a flying monster called Cosmosaurus Graken. Dan and Noguchi head out with Kiraken joining them to fight against the Cosmosaurus. Once they launch out with Dan piloting Kuraioh, Noguchi piloting Kaimeioh, and Kiraken piloting Rikushinoh, the three confront Graken and prepare to fight it.

Trinity Base Surfaces

Once the trio confront Graken, they start using their attacks against the Cosmosaurus. However, each of their attacks show little to no effect against Graken and start to struggle. Just then, an Eldar mothership, piloted by Commander Lietz, starts attacking the Space Development Exposition to get to the underground generator containing the Trinity Energy. Fortunately, the scientist, Doctor Kazami, surfaces his base to fight back. As the base is fighting against the Eldar mothership, Kiraken starts ramming his Rikushinoh at Graken to avenge the death of his family on Io. With Kiraken keeping Graken busy, Dan and Noguchi help defend the base with their Kuraioh and Kaimeioh. With two of the earth robots in the way, Commander Lietz decides to pull back and Graken hides away into the ocean. Later, while still underwater, Graken starts attacking the underwater pillars holding up Trinity City and creates a whirlpool to destroy the place. The trio head out again in their robots with Kaimeioh facing against Graken in the water, Rikushinoh attacking through the ocean floor, and Kuraioh attacking from the sky. With all three robots attacking at the same time, Graken rises up to the surface where Noguchi shoots out a Search Bullet at the Cosmosaurus to look for a weak point. When the Search Bullets stops searching, Doctor Kazami tells Dan that Graken’s central head holds the control center, so the trio decides to focus each of their attacks at the middle head. After Kuraioh fires a giant arrow at the middle head, Kaimeioh and Rikushinoh fire their own attacks as well. Once the middle head is hit by the three attacks, Graken finally blows up.


Flight: Graken is able fly through space and air.

Energy Mouth Beams: Graken can launch out green energy projectiles and laser beams from out of it’s three mouths.

Heated Mouth: Graken can melt anything it catches in it’s mouth.

Fang Missiles: Graken’s three heads can launch out their three fangs from out of their mouths like missiles.

Adapted Swimming: Graken is able to swim through water.

Constricting Necks: Graken can constrict anything with it’s long necks.

Whirlpool: Graken can create a whirlpool underwater by rotating its legs around.

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