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Goru(ゴル Goru) is a Mechasaurus who appeared in episode 4 of Getter Robo.


Goru has the appearance of a red Brachiosaurus with three horns on top of it’s head and with a white mace on the tip of it’s tail. Goru has a dome-like body which it can pull it’s head and limbs into.


When Goru first appears, it attacks an island and kills some of the islanders. Professor Saotome hears about this, so he lets Ryoma and Musashi know. However, since Hayato is not with them for the moment, Michiru heads to the island in her jet to investigate. As she flies toward the island, she comes across Goru, who was levitating in the sky and attacks her. Mushashi and Ryoma go to check on her in their Getter Machines and an autopiloted Getter Jaguar. They find Goru on the island, so they combine into Getter-1 and they fight against the Mechasaurus. However, without Hayato piloting the Getter Jaguar, they don't have enough power, so they ended up getting beaten and have no choice but to retreat. When Hayato is finally back, he goes to island in his Getter Jaguar by himself. However, once he gets there, Goru appears and blinds Hayato with light from it’s eyes, causing Hayato to crash. Musashi and Ryoma arrive to help Hayato from the crash. Goru appears and tries to hit them with it’s fire breath while they're helping Hayato, but they manage to dodge it in time. The three combine into Getter-1, but they soon find out that Michiru is inside of Goru's body. Not wanting to risk killing Michiru, Getter Robo allows Goru to keep on attacking. Hayato has an idea however, so they change into Getter-2. Hayato uses Getter Hurricane to lift Goru up and uses Getter Drill to drill through the body. After getting Michiru out of the body, Hayato reverses the drill and sends Gore spinning up into the air. After changing into Getter-3, Musashi gets Getter Robo to punch Goru further up into the sky. Finally, they change into Getter-1 and Ryoma destroys Goru with Getter Beam.


Drill Head: Goru can pull his head into his body and a drill will come out in place.

Mace Tail: Goru has a giant spiked-mace on his tail for combat.

Chest Ray: Goru can shoot a ray from his chest that will send his target spiraling.

Bright Lights: Goru can shoot beams of bright lights from his eyes to blind his opponent.

Levitation: Goru can levitate in the air.

Fire Breath: Gore can shoot fire from his mouth.

Saucer Change: Goru can pull all of his limbs in his body and becomes a flying saucer.

Compartment: Goru has a compartment in his body to store hostages.