An unnamed Mecha-Fighter that appeared in Episode 1 of Albegas.


The Gold-headed Mecha-Fighter has a humanoid-appearance with a gold-colored head and a body with a color scheme of green and dark green. It has red blank eyes, a horn on top of it’s head, and shoulder spikes. It also has a gray tail attached to it’s back and has three fingers on it’s hands and three toes on it’s feet.


When the Derinja Civilization start their attack on Earth, they start to build a fortress in the middle of a city. Three students(Daisaku, Tetsuya, and Hotaru) try to fight back with their award-winning robots that they build, but they end up getting damaged by the Derinja’s infantry mecha. Later, Hotaru’s father, Professor Mizuki, rebuilds and modifies the student’s robots, making them able to combine with each other. So the three students use their modified robots( Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) to destroy the infantry mecha and they start attacking the fortress. With the fortress being under attack, the Derinja summon their Mecha-Fighter where it rises out from the fortress. The three students try to fight back, but the Gold-headed Mecha-Fighter proves to be a challenge for them with it’s sword. So Professor Mizuki guides the students into forming Albegas. Once the students combine their robots, they get Albegas to fight against the Gold-headed Mecha-Fighter where they have the upper hand in the fight. After a small fight, Albegas summons the Electro-Sword and uses it to slice the Gold-headed Mecha-Fighter down the middle, destroying it.


Sword: Gold-headed Mecha-Fighter can extend a sword out of it’s right wrist.

Wrist Cannon: Gold-headed Mecha-Fighter has a laser cannon attached to it’s left wrist.


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