Gold-Satan(ゴールドサタン Gōrudosatan) is a Majin created by Demon Scorpion from Episode 2 of Majin Hunter Mitsurugi.


Gold-Satan has an insect-like appearence with a humanoid body structure, but has four insect legs. It has slender limbs and a small, muscular torso. It also has antennas, small pinchers, and big, blue bug-eyes.


Demon Scorpion planned to steal corpses of executed criminals and to revive them to be apart of his army to cause chaos on the Edo City. When the Mitsurugi siblings find out about this, one of them, Suisei, acts like a corpse so the Scorpion Ninja Army can bring him to Demon Scorpion’s hideout with Ginga and Gekko following in pursuit. As Ginga, Gekko, and another pair of siblings tail the army, a giant Majin called Gold-Satan appears and attacks them. Ginga and Gekko fight back before they lose their trail on Suisei and the army. So Ginga and Gekko let the two siblings run off to safety while they throw grenades at Gold-Satan. After awhile, the Majin has disappeared, allowing them to tail the army again. Later, when they manage to foil Demon Scorpion’s plan, he sends out Gold-Satan to attack them. Gold-Satan starts attacking Ginga and Gekko until Suisei arrives in time. The three Mitsurugi siblings cross their swords and form into giant armored warrior, Mitsurugi. Mitsurugi uses the sword against Gold-Satan, but the Maijin kicks the sword and shield from Mitsurugi's hands and uses it breath to attack them. Mitsurugi tries to reach for the sword, but Gold-Satan won’t allow it. Gold-Satan then pounces on top of Mitsurugi and prevents the armored giant from continuing to reach the sword. Fortunately, Mitsurugi manages to get the sword and uses it to stab Gold-Satan in the mouth, knocking the Maijin off of it. Mitsurugi gets back up and uses the fireballs from it’s chest to hit Gold-Satan and burn it death.


Smoke: Gold-Satan can shoot destructive smoke from it’s mouth.

High Jumping: Gold-Satan can jump high with it’s four legs.

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