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The Kaiju from the Third Entry of the Eldran Series, Nekketsu Saikyō Go-Saurer. They are called Mechanized Beast(Kikaiju). They were once ordinary objects until they given energy that transforms them into giant mechanized monsters.

Gear King’s Mechanized Beasts

Gear King’s Mechanized Beasts are created from a broken machine that his subordinate, Geag, would find and infuse energy into it with wires coming from his head. When they would face against the Go-saurers, Gear King would merge with the Mechanized Beast with Giant Reconstruction, turning it into giant with more weapons.

Electric King’s Mechanized Beast

Electric King’s Mechanized Beast are created when Electric King infuses energy into military vehicles or weaponry. Unlike Gear King’s Mechanized Beast, Electric King’s Mechanized Beast start out as giants and do not have a smaller form.

Engine King’s Mechanized Beast

Engine King’s Mechanized Beast are created when his son, Gilturbo, launches out a mechanized egg that opens up to reveal a computer chip that infuses energy into any mechanical device nearby. Engine King is able to get his Mechanized Beast to combine with Gilturbo to create a Combined Mechanized Beast.

Atom King’s Mechanized Beasts

Atom King’s Mechanized Beasts are the first Mechanized Beasts that are not created from normal mechanical devices. Chronologically, they are first ones to appear on Earth.

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