Gladiator is a one-shot, unnamed Beast Fighter from Episode 4 of Choudenji Machine Voltes V.


Gladiator has the appearance of a chubby but muscular, green troll with a hunchback and is partially covered with worts. He is also wearing gladiator-like armor, hence his unofficial name.


Gladiator was used by the Boazanians to be apart of a demonstration of Gardo’s sword-fighting skills. When the two Beast Fighters face each other, Gladiator was the first to strike by throwing it’s chained mace at Gardo. Gardo manages to dodge it, so Gladiator charged toward him with it’s Sai. Gardo stays at his spot as his opponent charges toward him. When Gladiator comes up close, Gardo slices him in half by the waist, destroying the Beast Fighter.


Chained Mace: One of Gladiator’s main weapons is a big mace connected to a long chain that is uses to swing around.

Sai: Gladiator’s secondary weapon is a Sai that it uses to charge with at it’s opponent.

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