Giro(ギロ Giro) is a Mechasaurus who appeared in episode 8 of Getter Robo.


Girohas a dark green scaly hide and a green underbelly. It has two slender arms and thick, short legs with each of the limbs ending with three green claws. Giro also has a dark green head with yellow reptitlian eyes with red irises and a metal horn on top.


Emperor Gore plans to use a Nuclear Reasearch Institute as a ground base for power. He gets his general, Gram, to drive the Mechasaurus Giro. Gram says that he wants to take down the Getter Robo first, but Emperor Gore tells him that it can wait. So when Gram pilots the new Mechasaurus, he gets it to run at a fast speed. When Ryoma, Hayato, and Musashi manage find him by the cracks on the ground the Mechasaurus made, they form into Getter-2 to chase after it at the same speed. When they catch up to it, Gram has Giro face them. Hayato tries using Drill Storm, but it has no effect so he tries to use the Drill Arm directly. Gram, however, gets Giro to catch it and throw Getter Robo off a cliff. When Getter-2 gets back up, Gram has Giro fire missiles at them. After a brief fight, Getter-2 jumps at Giro with the Drill Arm, but Gram has Giro fire the horn on his head, which is connected to a chain, and get a hold of the Claw Arm. Gram swings Getter-2 around until he has it back on the ground. Gram then gets Giro to jump on them and to use the chain to hit it. Hayato then plans to use the Drill Arm to make a big crack on the ground. When Getter-2 falls into the crack, it jumps back up and drills Giro in the stomach. When they get the Mechasaurus onto the ground, Getter-2 uses the Claw Arm to tear Giro's head off, destroying the body. Gram then kills himself by getting Giro's arm to stab it's decapitated head, killing Gram in an explosion.


Fast Speed: Giro can run at a speed so fast, that it cannot be seen.

Stretching Arms: Giro can stretch it's arms out

Missiles: Giro can shoot missiles forom it's shoulders.

Horn Chain: Giro can shoot it's horn from it's head, which has a chain connected to it, to get a hold of it's opponents.

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