Giant is a Deathcula Mecha that appeared in Episode 2 of Star Musketeer Bismark.


Giant almost has a humanoid structure with slender legs, long arms that end with sharp claws, shoulder cannons, and a monitor-shaped head with a big red eye.


After Shinji and his new team got ambushed by Deathcula while they were investigating a wrecked Magma-power plant, Bill goes out to locate their base within the mountains. When Bill does manage to find Deathcula’s base, he gets ambushed and gets chased after by the Deathcula soldiers within the ravine of the mountains. As he flies away from them, his only way out of the ravine gets blocked by a Deathcula mecha named Giant. Bill takes refuge within a crack in one of the ravine’s walls that leads into an enclosed cave. Bill manages to shoot down the Deathcula soldiers, but then Giant appears in front of the crack and traps Bill inside. Fortunately, an iguana within the cave shows Bill a small hole with light coming through. So Bill shoots the hole to make a bigger entrance and he escapes in time before Giant shoots it’s Shoulder Cannons into the crack to blow it up. Afterward, Bill meets up with Richard and Shinji and he manages to destroy the Deathcula base in his Arrow Striker by causing the magma underneath to erupt. However, Giant arrives and tries to take down Bill as he flies around it. Shinji and Richard make it back into Bismarck with Bill coming in afterward when Giant starts firing it’s Laser Gatling Gun. With the appearance of the Deathcula Mecha, Shinji presses the red button to transform Bismarck into it’s robot form. Giant fires one of it’s Shoulder Cannons, but Bismarck dodges it and shoots back. Giant then punches Bismarck in the face and causes the giant robot to slam back into one of the mountains. Giant is about to finish off Bismarck by firing all of it’s weapons at once, but fortunately, Shinji located an exposed area of magma underneath Giant and uses Volcanic Formation on the area, triggering a volcanic eruption that damages Giant with the flames rising out from underneath. Bismarck manages to fly out of the area in time as Giant gets incinerated in the eruption.


Levitation: Giant may have the ability to levitate in the air when it first appears.

Shoulder Cannons: Giant has two cannons on it’s shoulders that can shoot missile-like beams.

Laser Gatling Gun: Giant has a Gatling Gun hidden within its “mouth” that can fire red laser beams.

Laser Cannons: Giant can summon three cannons from it’s chest that can fire red laser beams.

Waist Laser Beam: Giant can fire a red beam from the cannon on it’s waist.

Laser Beam Claws: Giant can shoot red laser beams from the palm of it’s claws.

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