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Devil Beasts(魔界獣 Makai-jū), or Makai Beast, Demon World Beast, or Underworld Beast, are the Kaiju from the 2nd Eldran Mecha Anime, Ganbaruger. Each of the Devil Beasts would usually start out as small creatures until their powers are unleashed and they turn into giant monsters. Most of them are based off objects.

Insect Devil Beast

Insect Devil Beast(昆虫魔界獣 Konchū makai-jū) are the first series of Devil Beasts that Yaminorius III would summon from the Demon World after looking them up in his dictionary. When they fight against the Ganbaruger Team, Yaminorius III would throw his amulet into the sky to create a symbol for the Insect Devil Beast to pass through and be turned into a giant, objected-based, Devil Beast.

Underwater Devil Beast

Underwater Devil Beast(水中魔界獣 Suichū makai-jū) are the second series of Devil Beasts that Yaminorius III would summon when he was given a new dictionary for the Underwater Devil Beast.

Animal Devil Beast

Animal Devil Beast(動物魔界獣 Dōbutsu makai-jū) are the third series of Devil Beast that Yaminorius III would summon from a new dictionary that he was given. Unlike the Insect and Underwater Beast, they we’re turned into giant, object-based monsters when Yaminorius III throws Gokuaku’s Arm into the sky where it would trace a giant circle for the Devil Beast to go through and then the arm would enter into Devil Beast’s body before it enters through the circle to change.

Super Devil Beast

Super Devil Beast(超魔界獣 Chō makai-jū) are the last series of Devil Beast of the show and are the only ones that are not based-off on any kind of animals. After the first defeat of Gokuaku, Yaminorius III inhales the remaining essences of Gokuaku, giving him a dragon-shaped lamp where he could use it to shoot smoke at normal objects to turn them into Super Devil Beasts. When Yaminorius III is about to unleash their powers, the Super Devil Beasts would enter into the lamp where Yaminorius III powers it up and then smokes comes out to reveal the Super Devil Beasts’ giant form.