Garuda EZ(ガルーダEZ Garūda EZ) is a Metal Fighter that appeared in Episodes 1 and 2 of Red Baron.


Garuda EZ has a body that’s made out of gold with red decorations on it’s thigh. It has two big fin-like horns on the sides of it’s head and two red eyes. It also has turbines around it’s wrist and around the back of it’s ankles.


The apparition of a more powerful robot!!

In a giant robot fighting game, called Metal Fight, Garuda EZ was piloted by the Metal Fight world champion, King Hanuman. During it’s 11th match, Garuda EZ was fighting against a Drill Metal Fighter with an abandoned city as their arena. During the fight, the Drill Metal Fighter was looking around until Garuda EZ appeared behind it. The two Metal Fighters charge toward each other, but Garuda EZ uses King Lariat to knock the Drill Metal Fighter’s head off, decapitating it and letting King Hanuman win the match.

Defeat! Champion

In another Metal Fight match, King Hanuman and his Garuda EZ fought against Jihad the Stronger and his Abdullah X. After a small fight, Garuda EZ uses his King Lariat attack to smash through Abdullah X’s abdomen, winning another match. However, right after Abdullah X’s destruction, another opponent has entered the arena to face against King Hanuman and his Garuda EZ; Ken and his Red Baron. King Hanuman recognizes Ken from before, so they start their fight in the arena. During the fight, Garuda EZ damages Red Baron’s right arm and gets the new Metal Fighter to the ground. When the countdown for Red Baron’s downfall begins, Garuda EZ continuously stomps on Red Baron. However, by the last stomp, Red Baron blocks it and manages to get back up before the countdown finishes. The two Metal Fighters charge toward each where Garuda EZ intends to use it’s turbine rotor wrists on Red Baron. However, Red Baron thrusts it’s hand into Garuda EZ’s arm and knocks it off. Red Baron then karate chops Garuda EZ’s other arm off, leaving it defenseless. Red Baron then charges heat into it’s left arm and thrusts it through Garuda EZ’s chest, damaging it. When Red Baron pulls it’s arm out, Garuda EZ falls back on the ground and blows up in front of Red Baron, making King Hanuman lose a match for the very first time.


Turbine Rotor Wrists: Garuda EZ’s main weapons are it’s Turbine Rotors around it’s wrists that can spin to smash into it’s opponents. This attack is called King Lariat.

Turbine Engines: Behind the feet and around it’s ankles, Garuda EZ has turbine engines that allow it to speed up straight toward it’s opponent.

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