Not to be confused with Gardo

Gardos(ガルドス Garudosu) is a Kaiju that appeared in Episode 1 of Machine Blaster.


Gardos has the appearance of a four-head dragon with an oval-shaped body, four legs, and a long tail.


When an ancient civilization called Mogoul have started their attack on humanity, they sent out a giant four-headed monster called Gardos. After Gardos destroys a cruise ship, the Mogoul start attacking all the earth defense bases in their space ships. Fortunately, at one of the bases, a man named Professor Yuri has prepared 4 giant robots, called the Machine Blaster, for the Mogoul’s arrival. After they gather four men who happen to have the Y Power that is needed to pilot the 4 giant robots, they launch them out to fight against Mogoul. When Machine Blaster arrives, one of them, Robocles, piloted by Gensuke Ishida, destroys the Mogoul space ships. Another one of the Machine Blaster robots, Bosspalder, piloted by Tenpei Asuka, fights against Gardos. Sandaioh, piloted by Jinta Hayami, joins in with Bosspalder and they begin firing at Gardos. The four-headed monster however unleashed a heat beam on the two giant robots. This allows Gardos to knock Sandaioh down to the ground so it can stomp on it and kill Jinta. Fortunately, Robocles pulls Sandaioh out of the way in time. Gardos tries to smash the two, but then Bosspalder pulls the two out in time and the end up in the air. The forth robot, Bullcaesar, piloted by Billy Kenjou, joins with the other three where Sandaioh grabs Bullcaesar’s legs and Bullcaesar grabs onto Bosspalder’s legs. With the four Machine Robots connected, they start to spin at a fast speed to perform the Y Magnetic Whirl. Gardos tries shooting it’s missiles at them, but the Y Magnetic Whirl deflects the missiles and the Machine Blaster robots manage to knock three of Gardos’ heads off. Finally, Machine Blaster rams through Gardos’ body as they continue spinning, destroying the four-headed monster for good.


Adapted Swimmer: Gardos is able to swim through water.

Missiles: Gardos can launch missiles from it’s mouths.

Lightning: Gardos can shoot lightning from it’s mouths.

Launchable Heads: Gardos can launch it’s own heads at it’s opponents.

Heat Beam: All four of the heads can create a heat beam together.

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