Garada K7(ガラダK7 Garada K 7) is one of the first two Mechanical Beasts that appear in Episodes 1 and 2 of Mazinger Z.


Garada K7 has a light purple-colored, humanoid body with a red breastplate that holds six yellow slits on it’s pecs, dark purple joints, a dark purple neck, and a black pelvis. It has a skeletal face, dark blue stripes on it’s head, and twin giant black scythes pointing upward and attached to each side of the head.


The Birth Of A Miraculous Robot

An evil scientist, named Dr. Hell, decides that it’s finally time for him to conquer the world along with his half-man/half-woman lieutenant, Baron Ashura. Dr. Hell shows Baron Ashura his secret army of giant robots called Mechanical Beasts and demonstrates that he can control them with his Staff of Bardos. Dr. Hell uses his staff to take control of a skull-face Mechanical Beast, named Garada K7. Garada K7 takes one of it’s scythes attached to its head and prepares to throw it until Dr. Hell commands him to stop, saying that it would rip his underground empire in two. After he also takes control of another Mechanical Beast, Doublas M2, Dr. Hell shows concern over another scientist, Dr. Kabuto, who is the only one who knows about his secret army of Mechanical Beasts. Dr. Hell gets Baron Ashura to head out and kill Dr. Kabuto while also acquiring the photon energy and Japanium he discovered to make the army of Mechanical Beasts invincible. Once Dr. Hell gives Baron Ashura his staff, he/she takes Garada K7 and Doublas M2 to Japan within their submarine fortress, Salude. Baron Ashura, and an army of Iron Masks, succeed in killing Dr. Kabuto by blowing up his villa and are then told to destroy every city in Japan with Garada K7 and Doublas M2 and to occupy the Photon Light Institute. Once the two Mechanical Beasts are unleashed from the Salude, they rise out from the water and start destroying the nearby city where Garada K7 uses it’s scythes to slice the buildings.

Stop The Ashura Army!

As Garada K7 and Doublas M2 continue destroying the city, Dr. Hell finds out that Dr. Kabuto’s grandson, Koji Kabuto, has been given Dr. Kabuto’s creation, Mazinger Z, which was designed to oppose his Mechanical Beast Army. Upon seeing Mazinger Z and another giant robot, named Aphrodite A, created by Dr. Kabuto’s student, Professor Yumi, and piloted by his daughter, named Sayaka, Dr. Hell tells Baron Ashura to get rid of them immediately so the lieutenant commands Garada K7 and Doublas M2 to head to their location immediately, which is by the Photon Lab Institute. The Institute is alerted of the two Mechanical Beasts coming toward them, so Koji and Sayaka head out within Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A, despite Koji unable to handle Mazinger Z’s controls at the time. The two duos confront each other in the middle of the woods where Koji rushes in to fight them. Garada K7 uses it’s missiles and scythes, but Mazinger Z manages to endure and dodge them. However, Doublas M2 uses it’s mouth rays to set the super robot on fire, knocking it down. Sayaka tries to check on Koji within Mazinger Z, but becomes the next target by the two Mechanical Beasts. Since Aphrodite A was built without weapons, Sayaka tries to get it to run away but Garada K7 stabs the back with one of it’s Scythe Boomerangs. When Doublas M2 manages to get Aphrodite A on the ground, Garada K7 prepares to kill Sayaka with it’s other scythe. Fortunately, Koji gets a hang onto Mazinger Z’s controls and kicks Garada K7 down before it could kill Sayaka. The two Mechanical Beasts face against Mazinger Z where Koji discovers Mazinger Z’s weapons. Mazinger Z uses Rocket Punch to knock down Garada K7 and starts stomping on the Mechanical Beast. Doublas M2 fights back by shocking Mazinger Z where Garada K7 gets back up and throws one of it’s scythes. Upon seeing the scythe coming, Koji gets Mazinger Z to position Doublas M2 so the scythe can instead decapitate one of the heads. After Koji destroys Doublas M2 with laser beams from Mazinger Z’s eyes, Garada K7 charges in with it’s other scythe. Koji then uses Mazinger Z’s Rust Hurricane where a hurricane winds rushes out from Mazinger Z’s mouth grille and onto Garada K7, causing the Mechanical Beast to rust away into nothingness.


Scythe Boomerangs: Garada K7 is equipped with twin scythes attached to each side of it’s head. It can take the scythes out and throw them like boomerangs.

Extendable Arms: Garada K7 is equipped with extendable arms that gives it momentum when throwing it’s scythes.

Eye Missiles: Garada K7 is equipped with missiles that it can launch from out of it’s eye sockets when they extend out by telescopic arms inside.

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