Gantarooru(ガンタロール Gantarōru) is a Dark Beast from Episode 3 of Daikyu Maryu Gaiking. It’s name could also translate as Gantarool or Gantaroul.


Gantarooru has the appearance of a turtle standing upright, but has a mechanical shell. It has a ferocious face with lips that contain a row of teeth, green eyes with black pupils, and fin-like ears. It also has three sharp claws on each hand.


The Dark Horror Army manages to capture a Zelan who resisted the brainwashing treatment when they invade the planet, Zela. When the Zelan saved Sanshiro’s life, they prefer o execute him. However, their leader, Emperor Darius, decides to have him brainwash again, but this time thoroughly. Now with the Zelan in complete obedience to Emperor Darius, the Dark Horror Army creates a black hole over the Daisetsu Mountains to lure out Gaiking. Once the Daiku Maryu arrive at the mountains, Sanshiro was instructed to head out with Gaiking. After forming Gaiking, Sanshiro flies toward the mountains to investigate but he nearly gets ambushed by the Dark Horror Army’s Dark Beast, Gantarooru. The Dark Beast tries to hit Gaiking with it’s eye energy rings, but Gaiking dodges it and then is about to use Counter Cross. However, when Gantarooru flies toward Gaiking, Sanshiro hears the Zelan’a voice from within and finds out that he’s piloting Gantarooru. Sanshiro doesn’t want to kill him, but they end up falling down toward the ground. Once they hit the ground, Sanshiro realized that he has to fight him. Gantarooru shoots a fireball at Gaiking, but the super robot dodges it and uses Counter Punch to knock down Gantarooru. Once Gantarooru is knocked down, the Zelan’s pendant opens up to reveal a picture of his deceased wife and daughter, restoring his will. Gantarooru walks toward Gaiking when the super robot uses Counter Cross to stab it in the chest. The Zelan gets Gantarooru to push Gaiking out of the way when the one of the Dark General shoots a laser, taking the hit for Gaiking. Once hit by the laser, Gantarooru falls down to the ground with the Zelan saying that he’ll be with his wife and daughter again, and then Gantarooru explodes which takes the Zelan’s life. After having his life saved by the Zelan again, Sanshiro vows to take down Emperor Darius in his place.


Flight: Gantarooru can fly through the air.

Eye Energy Rings: Gantarooru can shoot out energy rings from it’s eyes.

Fire Balls: Gantarooru can shoot a fire balls from it’s mouth.

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