Ganma(ガンマ Ganma) is a Metal Beast that appeared in Episode 1 of Getter Robo Go.


Ganma has the body of four-legged dinosaur with a thick tail and with each leg having two metal claws. It has a claw-like head with three mandibles, tiny red eyes, and a long mechanical neck. It also has a missile launcher on top of it’s back with two tentacles underneath it.


Ganma is first seen attacking a castle building in Russia. Fighter Jets and Tanks try to shoot at the Metal Beast, but they have little to no effect. Ganma obliterates the tanks and Fighter Jets with it’s missiles and beam. After it’s destruction in Russia, it was never shown again.


Tentacles: Ganma has two tentacles coming from it’s back.

Missiles: On it’s back, Ganma has an 8-tubed missile launcher on top of it’s back. It also has two cannons on each side.

Mouth Beam: From a small cannon in it’s ‘mouth’, Ganma can shoot a fiery beam.

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