Furon(フロン Furon) is a Metal Beast that appeared in Episode 1 of Getter Robo Go.

It’s name could also translate as Fron or Freon.


Furon has a torso-shaped head with long stilt-like arms on each side, carrying it. It has one red-eye in the center of it’s face with wire and cables shown around it.


Furon first appeared attacking New York where it starts destroying the buildings. Fighter Jets try to take Furon down with missiles, but they have no effect and they end up getting destroyed by Furon’s needle-like spikes. After it continues destroying New York, it was never seen again.


Missiles: Furon can fire missiles from six tubes around it’s eye.

Launchable Needle Spikes: Furon can grow needle-like spikes on top of it’s head and can launch them out.

Underside Blades: From underneath, Furon has three saw-like blades that can extend downward to destroy the ground.

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