Fightas(ファイタス Faitasu) is a Fighter Aircraft-based Machine Beast From Episode 6 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Fightas has a completely purple body with gray claws on it’s feet. It’s shaped like a bipedal dinosaur with a head that holds a large jaw filled with small sharp teeth, a pointed snout, and a visor on it’s head with it’s eyes underneath it. It has two more similar heads attached to long necks that take place for it’s arms. It also has jet wings and a jet tail on it’s back.


The Probes manage to find the third Data Weapon, Lion Ring, in a tv monitor inside of a department store, so they summon a Galfa Machine Beast. The Galfa Machine Beast arrives in the city where fighter jets arrive and shoot at it. Unfortunately, their attacks have no effect on the Galfa Machine Beast and it manages to destroy all of them except for one. Rather than destroying it, the Galfa Machine Beast clings onto the fighter jet and merges with it into Fightas. More fighter jets arrive but Fightas manages to destroy them it’s Abdomen Cannons and starts attacking the department store. Hokuto and Ginga arrive with Dendoh and they summon Unicorn Drill to take down Fightas, keeping it away from the department store. They start fighting each other until Fightas starts shooting missiles at Dendoh. Hokuto and Ginga manage to deflect the missiles with Dendoh’s arm turbines, but the missies end up hitting department store. Fightas then uses it’s Abdomen Cannons, but fortunately Dendoh uses Firewall to form a barrier to protect itself and the buildings. However, the department store got enough damage to blow up and reveals Ring Lion. Afterwards, Althea arrives within Ogre and fights against Dendoh. Fightas helps out Althea with the fight by shooting at Dendoh. Althea prepares to use Viper Whipe Final Attack to finish off Dendoh, but Dendoh uses Unicorn Drill Final Attack to withstand the attack in order to protect the citizens nearby. Upon seeing Dendoh being able to fight against his Final Attack, Althea gets Ogre to fly out of the way and the Unicorn Drill Final Attack ends up hitting Fightas, destroying the Machine Beast.


Flight: While not using it in battle, Fightas is able to fly in the sky.

Abdomen Cannons: Fightas has two cannons on it’s abdomen that act like machine guns.

Extendable Arms: Fightas is able to stretch it’s arms outwards.

Missiles: Fightas can shoot missiles form out of its mouth arms.

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