Escort Robot(護衛ロボット Goei robotto) are the infantry mecha that appeared in Episode 4 of Saikyo Robo Daiohja.


The Escort Robots each have a completely purple-colored body with a yellow visor for the eyes. They each have a panel on each side of their shoulders, a small head fin on top, and are always carrying laser rifles.


After Mito and his followers went through a tour of a factory on planet Still Star, they discovered that the workers are under forced labor. When some of them are about to be executed on a hot air ballon-like ship, Mito, Skade, and Kaku summon their mechs to save them. However, a man named Kozeny, who works at the factory after the owner, Zeniman, summons a group of mecha, called the Escort Robots, to take them down. The Escort Robots shoot their Laser Rifles at the three, but Mito and his followers manage to easily destroy each of them, much to Zeniman’s outrage.


Levitation: The Escort Robots are able to levitate in the sky.

Laser Rifles: Each Escort Robot is armed with a laser rifle that shoots an orange laser beam.


  • The Escort Robots’ designs are recycled from the Shigaru designs with the body color being the only difference.
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