An Unnamed Metal Fighter that appeared in Episode 1 of Red Baron.


The Drill Metal Fighter has a cylinder-shaped body with skinny arms and legs. It has a flat head with a scope for an eye. It also has three-fingered claws on it’s right hand and a drill for it’s left hand.


The Drill Metal Fighter appeared in a match as an opponent against Garuda EZ in an abandoned city as their arena. It was looking around to find Garuda EZ until it appears behind it. The two Metal Fighters charge toward each other, but Garuda EZ uses it’s King Lariat move to knock the Drill Metal Fighter’s head off, defeating it and winning the match.


Scope Analyzer: The Drill Metal Fighter has a Scope Eye that allows it to look for it’s opponent.

Drill Arm: The Drill Metal Fighter has a Drill in place for it’s left hand.

Claw Hand: The Drill Metal Fighter has a three-fingered claw on it’s right hand.

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