A Genocider that first made a full appearence in Episode 3 of Pyscho Armor Govarian.


Episode 3

Captain Christo heads down to Earth in his Genocider called Dokuros after withdrawing Melia from her fight with Isamu in Govarian. The Dokuros lands in a deserted wasteland where Isamu was reminiscing his mother and sister. Captain Christo uses the Dokuros to attack Isamu as he runs to Govarian. When Isamu makes it to Govarian, he boards inside and fights against Captain Christo's Dokuros until Kurt Buster arrives in another recently formed Pyscho Armor called Raid. Isamu and Buster pilot their Pyscho Armors to double-team against Captain Christo's Dokuros. With two against one, Captain Christo decides to finish the fight now and retreats, saying he looks forward to their next meeting.


Flight: Dokuros can fly whenever the engine in the pelvis area glows.

Laser Beams: Dokuros can shoot laser beams from the two tubes on the chest.

Cable Claw Pinchers: Dokuros has two pincher claws on the shoulder where it can launch them out with cables attached. They can also conduct electricity to shock the opponent.

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