A Bird-like Mechasaurus that appears in Episode 19 of Getter Robo.


Dodo has a thin upper body, but it’s lower body has a bulge, round appearance. Dodo has light blue hair on it’s head with blank pink eyes and a small beak with tiny sharp teeth. It also has wings behind it’s waist, big hook claws for hands, and avian legs.


When the Saotome Plant invent a satellite that collects getter rays from space, the Dinosaur Army sends a spy there to get information on it. In case the Saotome Plant is able to get a lot of Getter Rays, Cheif Galeli has the latest Mechasaurus Dodo created to destroy the satellite. Emperor Gore has Captain Dorus be in charge of Dodo after he brought in the launch date information from the spy. After the spy sabotages the rocket that was going to launch the satellite, he gives news to Captain Dorus that Ryoma has left the Saotome Plant with his Father to return to his home. When Emperor Gore hears about, he tells Captain Dorus to attack the Saotome Plant with Dodo since they won’t have time to find a substitute for the Getter Eagle. Fortunately, when the rocket blows up from it’s launch, Ryoma runs back to the Plant to find the spy. After his father kills the spy, Ryoma rejoins his friends and they launch out in their Getter Machines to fight against Dodo with Captain Dorus and two foot Soliders piloting it. Ryoma combines the Getter Machines into Getter-1 and fight against Dodo with the Getter Tomahawk. However, Dodo’s Sharp Claws are able to withstand the Getter Tomahawk, so Ryoma tries to use Getter Beam. However, his shoulder is injured from his fight with the spy earlier and he ends spiraling Getter Robo downwards. Captain Dorus gets Dodo flying down after Getter Robo, but Ryoma manages to get Getter Robo back under control and uses the Getter Tomahawk to decapitate Dodo. The Mechasaurus is still able to fly around, but Ryoma figures out that the control room is in the chest. So he gets Getter Robo to uses Tomahawk Boomerang to throw the Tomahawk at the the control room, catching Captain Dorus and the foot soldiers off guard. Ryoma then gets Getter Robo to fire Getter Beam at Dodo’s chest, hitting the control room and blowing up Dodo, killing Captain Dorus and the foot Soliders in the process.


Sharp Iron-made Claws: For it’s arms, Dodo has two big hook claws for hands that are made out of iron.

Flight: Dodo is able to fly through the air at a fast speed with its wings.

Surviving Decapitation: Dodo is able survive being decapitated. This mainly because the control room is in the chest.


  • Dodo’s design may have been inspired by the Archaeopteryx.
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