Denomon(デノモン Denomon) is the first Majin from Episode 1 of Majin Hunter Mitsurugi.


Denomon is a giant skeleton wearing armor all over it’s body, giving it the appearance of a giant knight.


After Demon Scorpion starts on his plans to attack during the Edo Period, he summons the evil giant, Denomon, to destroy the City of Edo with it's giant Mace and flame breath. The next day, it was reported that Denomon vanished in puff of smoke last night. After the attack, three siblings, Ginga, Suisei and Gekko, were given heirloom swords from their Mitsurugi clan that they can use to become the giant, Mitsurugi. After saving a Princess from the Scorpion Ninja Army, Demon Scorpion summons Denomon again to crush the Edo Castle. Upon seeing Denomon, the Mitsurugi siblings cross their heirloom swords and become Mitsurugi to face Denomon. The two giants clash their weapons together as they fight. Denomon uses it's fire breath, but Mitsurugi protects itself with the shield. Mitsurugi then fires Fireballs, which are really flaming daggers, from it's chest. The Fireballs, however, have no effect on Denomon's armor. So Mitsurugi uses the sword to strike the hinge of the armor, making it fall off completely off Denomon, revealing it as a giant skeleton. Denomon is still able to fight though, and the sword can't be used to stab it. So Mitsurugi decides to aim for Denomon's waist. When Denomon strikes with it's Mace again,  Mitsurugi blocks it with the shield and slices the waist with the sword. With the lower body no longer able to hold up the upper body, Denomon falls apart into two halves, each one exploding.


Mace: Denomon’s main weapon is a mace.

Fire Breath: Denomon can breath fire from it’s mouth.

Vanishing: While not physically shown, Denomon can disappear in a puff of smoke.

Armor Regeneration: When Denomon’s armor is damaged, it can regenerate it to fix it. However, it cannot regenerate the armor when it’s completely knocked off.

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