Darda(ダルダ Daruda) is reptile-based Mega Robo that appears in Episode 2 of Invincible Robo Trider G7.


Darda has a reptilian/dinosaur like appearence. It has a tail, blades sticking out on it’s shoulders, and sharp claws. Darda also has a thick neck along with a green underbelly.


The Robot Empire sends out the Mega Robo, Darda, to attack an Uranium mining base on Mars, which was going to be a resource of energy for Earth. When the space defense minister hears about Darda appearing on the spot, he asks for Watta’s assistance. When the Takeo General Company arrive at Mars, Watta detaches the Trider Shuttle from the space ship and transforms it into Trider G7. The giant robot faces off against Darda and the two fight each other. However, Darda appears to be stronger than Trider G7 and manages to get the giant robot on the ground. Seeing Watta in trouble, the employees of the Takeo General Company on the space ship fire lasers at Darda, but they have no effect on the Mega Robo and End up being hit by Darda’s laser cannon in it’s mouth. With it’s back turned, Trider G7 uses Trider Chain to wrap it around Darda. However, the Mega Robo bites the chain off and jumps at Trider G7. Trider G7 gets Darda off but when the giant robot gets back up, Darda wraps it’s tail around Trider G7 and fires it’s laser cannon at the head. Fortunately, Watta fires the Vulcan Missiles at Darda’s laser cannon and destroys it. Now free, Watta summons Trider G7’s Trider Javelin and stabs it through Darda’s chest. Finally, Watta activates Trider Bird Attack and gets Trider G7 to slice through Darda’s body, cutting it into two halves and explodes into a fireball.


Tail: Darda has a big tail that it uses to fight it’s opponents.

Laser Cannon Mouth: Darda has a laser cannon hidden inside it’s mouth.

Resistance: Darda’s Body appears to be resistant against missiles and lasers.

Shoulder Blades: On it’s shoulders, Darda has two big blades that uses to charge at it’s opponent. However, this was only used once in the episode.

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