Dakolar(ダコラー Dakorā) is the first Kaiju that appeared in Episodes 1 and 11 of Giant Robo. In the English dub, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, he was called Dracolon.

Subtitle: Great Sea Monster


Dakolar has a gillman-like appearance with an amphibious head and webbed membranes underneath his arms. On his face, he has two red eyes with several ridges underneath and going down his cheekbones. Above his eyes is a head crest sticking out. He has a greenish-yellow body color with a lumpy appearance, a back fin, and is shown with suckers on the sides of his body and underneath his tentacle-like arms.


An alien named Emperor Guillotine arrives at Earth within a flying saucer with the intent to conquer the planet. After his flying saucer disappears in the ocean, ships cruising around the Pacific start getting attacked by a giant sea monster named Dakolar. The last ship that Dakolar destroyed contained a Unicorn agent named Jūrō Minami and a young boy named Daisaku Kusama, who both managed to jump out of the ship before Dakolar completely destroyed it. When Jūrō and Daisaku arrive on an island where Emperor Guillotine’s terrorist group, Big Fire, resides, Daisaku manages to take control of Giant Robo, whom was built on the island. With Giant Robo’s help, the two manage to escape the island. However, once Emperor Guillotine sees that they escaped with Giant Robo, he orders his General, Spider, to send Dakolar after them. Dakolar arrives at Tokyo and starts destroying the buildings. Daisaku and Jūrō arrived on time to Tokyo and Giant Robo immediately faces against Dakolar. Upon Daisaku’s command, Giant Robo fights off Dakolar. After a short fight, Giant Robo throws Dakolar into the water and Daisaku commands him to fire missiles from his fingers at the sea monster. After continuous firing at Dakolar with it’s arm sticking out of the water, the sea monster bursts into flames within the ocean, finally dead.


Adapted Swimmer: Dakolar is able to swim through the water and live deep in the depths of the ocean.

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