Cyclops is a Deathcula Mecha that appeared in Episode 1 of Bismark.


Cyclops has a humanoid body structure with a black and dark green color scheme. As it’s name suggest, it only has one cycloptic-eye on it’s cone-shaped head. On it’s right arm, it has five fingers while it’s left arm three claws. It has rectangular shoulders with a red door on the front that holds the missiles. It also has a waist that is almost shaped like a crescent.


When an enormous heavily armed alien force, called Deathcula, attacked a planet called Ganymede after a 15 years since their battle with Earth, Secretary-General Louvelle puts in motion Operation Bismark, a giant space ship that can transform into a giant robot and plans to have Shinji Hikari, son of the late pilot Shinjiro Hikari, be the pilot. Louvelle’s daughter, Marianne, brings Bismarck to Ganymede, where Shinji is at. Meanwhile, a military base is being attacked by Deathcula where Shinji and his two new friend, Richard Lancelot and Bill Willcox, fight back. When Shinji meets up with Marianne at this base, he gets Richard and Bill to follow him into Bismarck. As they board inside, one of Deathcula’s enemy mechas, Cyclops, arrives at the area. Shinji launches Bismarck in the air where Cyclops fires it’s Finger Lasers at them. Bismarck fires it’s weapons back at Cyclops, but they can’t properly fight back. Marianne points out to Shinji that her Father added a red button for such an emergency. Once Shinji presses the red button, Bismarck transforms into it’s robot form. Once transformed, Cyclops fires it’s missiles and Finger Lasers, but Bismarck manages to endure the attacks and lays two punches at the enemy mech. Bismarck then manages to kick Cyclop’s head off. With it’s head knocked off, Cyclops stands idle while Bismarck takes out it’s laser gun and multiple laser cannons rise out from it’s front body. After targeting Cyclops, Bismarck uses Vulcan Formation and fires all the laser cannons at once, destroying Cylops and stopping Deathcula’s attack on the military base.


Finger Lasers: Cyclops can shoot red lasers coming from it’s five fingers.

Wheel Feet: Cyclops has wheels on it’s feet that allow it to maneuver around on the ground.

Claws: On it’s left arm, Cyclops has three red claws that it uses in combat.

Flight: Cyclops is able to fly up high in the sky with rocket thrusters on the bottom of it’s feet.

Chest Laser Beams: Cyclops can fire two red laser beams from two tubes it’s chest.

Shoulder Missile Launchers: Cyclops can fire missiles from a 9-tubed missile launcher when it opens up it’s front shoulders.



  • In the English dub, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Cyclops was called the Desperado Renegade Unit.
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