Crawler Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine from Episode 10 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


The Crawler Combat Machine has a dark brown body with vents on it’s pecs, a dark purple-colored laser cannon underneath it’s body, and is standing on four, dark purple-colored, spider-like legs. It’s head is on top with lens for eyes and has a red dome on it’s head.


When the Rugger Guard arrive planet that was already targeted by the Galveston Empire, they call for a Reinforcement Fleet from a nearby Space Fortress. Not willing to give the planet away, Commander Teles calls for an all-out attack on the Space Fortress led by General Vanguard. After using jamming satellites to disrupt the communications from the Space Fortress, Vanguard has his fleet and a Crawler Combat Machine attack right away. The two fleets fire at each other as the Crawler Combat Machine makes it’s way to the landing deck of the Space Fortress, destroying some of the Reinforcement Fleet’s ships on the way. As soon the Crawler Combat Machine lands on the landing deck, it starts blowing up the vehicles that haven’t launch yet and starts firing at the fortress itself. As soon as the entire Reinforcement Fleet is wiped out, the Vanguard Fleet, as well as the Crawler Combat Machine, leave the destroyed fortress after successfully performing their mission.


Flight: Despite having no wings or any signs of jet engines, the Crawler Combat Machine is still able to fly through space.

Underside Laser Cannon: Underneath it’s body, the Crawler Combat Machine has a cannon that can fire red lasers.

Eye Lasers: The Crawler Combat Machine can shoot red laser beams from it’s eyes.

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