Crane(クレイン Kurein) is a crane-based Machine Beast from Episode 7 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Crane has a cone-shaped body that holds four eight stilt-like legs with each pair connected together and two red-colored arms with two gray-colored pincher claws. It has a black-and-yellow striped pad on top with drills sticking out of the corners and a red mechanical head on top with a red crane next to it.


The Probes sense another Data Weapon around a shipyard but are unable to locate it’s exact whereabouts. Rather than keep on looking, one of the Probes decides to smoke out the Data Weapon by summoning a Galfa Machine Beast. Once the Galfa Machine Beast arrives, it merges with the shipyard’s crane and turns into a Machine Beast called Crane. Crane starts destroying each of the ships in order to draw out the Data Weapon until Dendoh arrives and kicks the Machine Beast down. Hokuto then summons Unicorn Drill in order to make quick work against Crane. Crane extends its crane at Dendoh, but the super robot dodges it and uses Unicorn Drill’s mane to slice the crane off. Dendoh then uses Drill Horn to slice Crane in half, destroying the Machine Beast and leaving it a flaming wreck in the water.


Top Head Laser: Crane can fire a purple laser from the top of it’s head.

Extendable Crane: Crane carries a red Crane next to his head that can extend outward.

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