Cobra(コブラ Kobura) is a Metal Fighter that appeared in Episode 3 of Red Baron.


Cobra is a completely dark blue body with a slender, dark purple head, a dark purple abdomen, and long, loose limbs with three-fingered claws. It has a light blue neck, green bands within its arms for flexibility, horn-like antennas, and a green spot on it’s snout.


Doctor Ashimov shows Kaiser a demonstration of his newly-created Metal Fighter, Cobra, where it constricts a Red Baron copy until it gets crushed. Doctor Ashimov plans to have it fight Ken in his next match in Metal Fight at China. However, since Ken’s next opponent is Ryu Koumei and his Shinryu, Doctor Ashimov has Cobra attack Ryu when he was training. Ken manages to save Ryu’s life, but he still got injured and is no longer able to participate in the match. Cobra, being piloted by a contestant named Mahatma Singh, becomes Ken and Red Baron’s next opponent. With The Great Wall of China as the arena, Red Baron and Cobra start their match. Red Baron tries to lay a bunch of punches, but Cobra easily manages to dodge each punch. By the last punch, Cobra backflips to the other side of the Great Wall and thrusts it’s arms through to constrict Red Baron. As Cobra keeps on tightening its grip onto Red Baron, Ken couldn’t find any weak points until Ryu tells him to observe Cobra and to go on forward. So Ken gets Red Baron to charge toward Cobra and ram into the Metal Fighter, breaking off it’s right arm. Red Baron manages to break off the arm that was still wrapped around and chases after Cobra when it tries to run away. Cobra tries to strike Red Baron with it’s remaining arm, but Red Baron dodges it and uses Electrigger to lay a bunch of powerful punches onto Cobra’s body. With the attack too fast to dodge, Cobra ends up receiving all the punches until Red Baron punches through it’s entire body, destroying it and letting Ken win the match.


Extendable Constricting Arms: Cobra has long arms that are flexible and can extend. Cobra can use it’s arms to constrict it’s opponent.

Burrow: Cobra might be able to burrow through the ground as when it attack Ryu Koumei, one of it’s arms rose right out from the ground.

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