Carrier Robot is an unnamed giant robot that appeared in Episode 1 of Red Baron.


The Carrier Robot has a dark green-colored, square-shaped body with narrow limbs.


Episode 1

The Carrier Robot was sent to capture the newly built Red Baron robot. When Red Baron’s creator, Shoko, gets a call from her Dad to talk about Red Baron, her dad gets kidnapped by a Robot Drone and then the Carrier Robot tears open the roof of the building where Red Baron was in. The Carrier Robot transforms into Carrier jet, grabs Red Baron out of the building, and then flies off to it’s destination. It was never shown again in the episode.


Carrier Jet Form: The Carrier Robot can transform into a Carrier Jet to carry it’s target. It uses two grapple claws to pull it’s target in it’s body. In this form, it can also take flight.

Strength: The Carrier Robot is able to carry anything at the same size as itself.

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