Cannon Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine that appeared in Episodes 13 and 14 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


The Cannon Combat Machine has a small dark green-colored body with three legs underneath and has one eye. It is equipped with two cannons each one on its shoulders and has multiple cannons on each arm.


The Enemy Within the Mind

The Rugger Guard lands in the sea of a planet for an engine check where they find a Galveston Fleet, lead by Captain Laffite, to be at as well since they’re at repairs. Instead of attacking each other, they decide to wait until one of them makes a move. After Laffite’s Fleet is done with the repairs, they’re ordered to retreat planet upon orders from their Frontline Command. However, once they start to leave, Commander Ise orders the Rugger Team to get into their vehicles just in case. Upon seeing them launch out in their vehicles and forming into Dairugger XV, Laffite misunderstood it as an attack. Captain Laffite contacts the Rugger Guard and questions them why they’re beginning to attack. Believing them to be intending to attack, Captain Laffite unleashes a Cannon Combat Machine. Dairugger XV summons the Dairugger Sword to prepare to fight the Combat Machine, but Commander Ise tells Aki not to attack and explains the misunderstanding to Captain Laffite. As Laffite considers the misunderstanding, the Cannon Combat Machine flies toward Dairugger XV while it’s holding it’s position. Despite his crew demanding an order to attack, Captain Laffite decides to order the Cannon Combat Machine to advance but not to attack. So once the Cannon Combat Machine comes up close to Dairugger XV, it ends up flying over it and leaves the planet with Laffite’s Fleet.

The Earth Fleet's Counterattack

After Commander Teles learns that a Support Fleet is heading to the Rugger Guard to rendezvous with them, he sends Captain Drake and his forces to attack them. However, when Captain Drake’s forces start fighting the Support Fleet, they become overwhelmed from their fire power. Captain Drake was about to send out the Cannon Combat Machine to join in the battle, but the Support Fleet fired missiles where one of them hits the Cannon Combat Machine before it could fly into battle, destroying it.


Flight: The Cannon Combat Machine is designed to fly through the atmosphere of a planet and through space.

Shoulder Cannons: The Cannon Combat Machine is equipped with two shoulders cannons that can extend outward when about to fire.

Arm Cannons: The Cannon Combat Machine is equipped with multiple cannons on it’s arms. The left arm holds five cannon barrels while the right arm holds three surrounding a hole that may or may not be another cannon.

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