Camioon(カミオーン Kamiōn) is an electric truck-based Machine Beast From Episode 5 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Camioon has the appearance of a hunched-over dinosaur with a small head, two red eyes, and an orange-colored body with a thick tail. It has four wheels for arms that are hold on an axle upfront on it’s chest and has four wheels on each foot.


After the Probes decide to capture a Data Weapon themselves in order to get promoted, they bring three electric vehicles to the Third Power Plant where a Data Weapon appears at. The Probes summon three Galfa Machine Beasts and have them merge with the electric vehicles. One of the Galfa Machine Beasts merges with the electric truck and becomes Camioon. Dendoh arrives at the plant where the Probes command their Machine Beasts to attack at the same time, with Camioon up front. The Probes have them engage a team attack called Triple Steam Attack where Mobilz rides up on Camioon’s back like a ramp while they speed up into a row. However, Mobilz ends up falling back onto Scoodas and they crash into Camioon, resulting in them missing Dendoh. As soon as Dendoh summons the newly acquired Unicorn Drill, Scoodas and Camioon speed up toward the super robot and shoot tires at it. Dendoh manages to avoid the tires and speeds up toward the two Machine Beasts. Once close up, Dendoh uses the Unicorn Drill to drill through Camioon’s entire body, destroying one of the three Machine Beasts.


Speed: Being based off an electric truck, Camioon can speed up on the ground on it’s feet.

Triple Stream Attack: Along with Scoodas and Mobilz, Camioon can engage in a team attack where heads upfront and Mobilz rides up on it’s back like a ramp.

Mouth Tire Launcher: Camioon can launch our tires straight from out of it’s mouth.

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