Buzz(バス Basu) is a Mechasaurus who appears in Episode 10 of Getter Robo. It’s name could also translate as Basu.


Buzz has a dark green, scaly hide while wearing dark blue metal. It has two buzz saws sticking out of it’s back and chest and the top of it’s head has open space to launch out other buzz saws.


Emperor Gore has gotten Mechasaurus Buzz to be made. He test the new Mechasaurus out by having him appear in the sea and try to conquer the sky by launching his buzz saws. Buzz has been destroying planes with his buzz saws whenever any of them were passing through his location in the sea. Seeing the test as successful, he calls Buzz back to have more work done on him. After the work is done on Buzz, Emperor Gore sents him out to fight against Getter Robo. After a destruction of another plane was reported around a rocky area, Professor Saotome sends out Michiru to investigate the area. When Michiru investigates, Buzz launches his buzz saws and manages to hit her through a giant crack from underneath the rocks. When Musashi, Hayato, and Ryoma appear, they form into Getter-2 and try to get Buzz out with Drill Storm. Buzz, however, launches his buzz saws at them and manages to climb out and up a rocky cliff. Hayato then uses Getter Divide and destroys the rocks in the area, giving Buzz no place to hide now. Ryoma then changes into Getter-1 and fires the Getter Beam at Buzz. The beam knocks the Mechasaurus off the rocky cliff. Buzz then launches his buzz saws at Getter-1, but Ryoma use the Getter Tomahawk to deflect the buzz saws. However, when Getter-1 tries to fly up, Buzz hits the Getter Wing, disabling Getter Robo's balance and can't use Getter Kick on Buzz. So Musashi changes into Getter-3 and tries to grab Buzz's body. However, the Mechasaurus has a buzz saw in it's chest and uses it to cut at Getter-3. So Musashi uses the Getter Missiles on Buzz, allowing him to grab the Mechasaurus' tail and throw him over another Rocky cliff. Musashi then has Getter-3 jump down the Rocky cliff, but with parachutes deployed from the back. When Buzz gets up, Musashi fires the Getter Missiles again, but Buzz destroys them with his buzz saws. When he cuts the parachutes off, Musashi uses this to crush the Mechasaurus to the ground. After crushing it, Buzz is finally destroyed as he explodes.


Buzz Saws: Buzz can launch buzz saws from the top of his head.

Saw Chest: Buzz has a buzz saw in his chest that he can use to cut at his enemies in very close range.

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