Butterfla(バタフラー Batafurā) is a Butterfly/Net-based Devil Beast from Episode 6 of Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger.


Butterfla has the appearance of net with purple butterfly wings that have pink stripes and a small butterfly head with two long antenna, red bug-eyes, and a rolled up white-colored tongue.


Yaminorius III summons the Butterfly Devil Beast so it can spread it's magic on the humans. The Butterfly Devil Beast flies around town, spreading magic dust that gives anything it lands on butterfly wings. After the boys' teacher. Ms. Aiko, gets sprinkled by the magic dust, she ends up flying involuntarily along with the rest of the flying objects in the air. The Ganba Team call forth their mechs to follow the flying objects and save their teacher. However, the Butterfly Devil Beast sprinkles it's magic dust on Go Tiger and King Elephant and end up flying in the sky. Yousuke manages to get Mach Eagle to cut the butterfly wings off and starts shooting at the Butterfly Devil Beast. After seeing this, Yaminorius III unleashes the Butterfly Devil Beast's darkness, turning it into giant net/butterfly Devil Beast called Butterfla. The Ganba Team transform their mechs into their human forms, but Butterfla controls all the winged objects with it's two antennas to spin around the Ganba Team's mechs, trapping them in a tornado. So the Ganba Team use their new Ninja Technique called Mach Cyclone Shot where Go Tiger and King Elephant throw jump out of the tornado and throw Butterfla in the air for Mach Eagle to ram at while spinning. The Ganba Team then combine their mechs into Ganbaruger and continue to fight with the Devil Beast. Butterfla tries to throw all the winged objects at Ganbaruger, so Kotaro uses Ganba Slugger to slice off Butterfla's antennas. Finally, Ganbaruger launches two energy rings from the sheild to bind the Devil Beast, summons the Ganbar Sword, and finishes off Butterfla with Ganbar Final Attack.


Butterfly Devil Beast
Butterfly Devil Beast

Magic Dust: Butterly Devil Beast can spread magic dust from it's wings to give anything it lands on butterfly wings.

Flight: Butterfly Devil Beast can fly with it's own butterfly wings.


Flight: Butterfla can fly with it’s own butterfly wings.

Controlling Butterfly Wings: Butterfla can control the butterfly wings that it gave with it's antennas.

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