Bull(ブル Buru) is a Mechasaurus from Episode 32 of Getter Robo. It’s name could also translate as Buru.


Bull has a muscular, humanoid body with a dark blue body-color. It has a dark yellow abdomen and neck while wearing a black breastplate covered with small spikes all over. It also has gray-colored claws for fingers, a gray colored pelvis, a reptilian head with pink eyes, a 2-tuned Missiles launcher on top of it’s head, two big bull horns right on top, and has two big, red/black-colored bat-like wings on it’s back.


Emperor Gore checks with Chief Galeli to see if they’re set for their red mist plan. Chief Galeli says that they’re all set and reveals to Emperor Gore his latest creation, Mechasaurus Bull. Emperor Gore wants an underground troop, named Jeuola, to be the one to pilot Bull but a solider named Kizala, who was substituting General Bat when he was sick, asks if he can pilot the new Mechasaurus instead. Emperor Gore decides to give him the chance, so Kizala heads out to the surface with Bull, alongside with two Dinosaur Soldiers. Bull flies toward the Saotome Plant while unleashing a yellow mist from out of it’s chest. Ryoma, Hayato, and Musashi spot Bull when they were heading toward the Saotome Plant, so they try to beat it to there but they get covered by the yellow mist that knocks out Musashi and Hayato. Bull makes it to the Saotome Plant where they put their forcefield up but after the Mechasaurus spreads it’s yellow mist around them, it flies away. After Ryoma and Musashi are brought in to the plant’s infirmary, Professor Saotome figures out that the mist that Bull spread out was made out of uranium. Hayato remained unaffected due to being cured by a neutralizing ray of his exposure to the radioactive rays from when the storage tanks exploded. Meanwhile, Kizala gets Bull to spread more of the Uranium Mist all over the city, knocking out all of the citizens. Upon hearing about this, Hayato heads out alone within his Getter Jaguar and spreads out a neutralizing mist to cure the city. Bull, however, wasn’t too far away and heads straight toward the Getter Jaguar to kill Hayato. Hayato fights back and manages to dodge Bull’s Forehead Missiles but gets hit by it’s Finger Missiles, destroying the storage for the neutralizing has and bringing the Getter Jaguar down. Kizala gets the Dinosaur Soldiers to chase after Hayato with Bull in order to finish him off, but the neutralizing gas leaks out of the Getter Jaguar and spreads all over Bull, causing it to seep into the cockpit and suffocate the two Dinosaur Soldiers. Kizala manages to get into a separate room and uses the spare controls to pilot Bull to retreat. Once back at the Dinosaur Empire, Emperor Gore sentences Kizala to death for retreating and not being able to kill one of the pilots. So Jeuola is brought in and throws Kizala down into a pit that exits him out of the base and into the hot magma surrounding them. Once a stronger uranium mist is created, Jeuola heads out along with two more Dinosaur Soldiers within Bull and spreads out the stronger uranium gas onto the city. The new uranium gas comes out as snow at first but once it lands, it turns into red poisonous gas and knocks out anyone who is near it. The Getter Team head out, once Ryoma and Musashi recovered, and try using the neutralizing gas like before but it has no effect on the stronger uranium gas. With nothing else to do, the Getter Team decide to stop the Mechasaurus from spreading anymore of the gas while Michiru brings Professor Saotome some samples of the gas to invent a new neutralizer. Ryoma combines the Getter Machines into Getter-1 and flies after Bull. After Getter Robo dodges Bull’s Forehead Missiles, Ryoma summons the Getter Tomahawk while Bull pulls out a giant sword from one of it’s chest spikes. The two briefly duel each other until Getter Robo manages to destroy Bull’s sword. Before Getter Robo could continue fighting against Bull, the red poisonous gas sweeps into the Getter Team’s cockpits and weakens them. Taking the chance, Bull head-butts Getter Robo and fires more of it’s Forehead Missiles to knock the super robot down into the sea beneath them, knocking the pilots unconscious. After successfully defeating Getter Robo, Bull continues spreading the poison gas all over Japan. Fortunately, the Getter Team wake up in time, somehow cured from poison gas. They figured out that the sea water was what cured them and gets Michiru to have Professor Saotome to analyze it for a new neutralizer. The Getter Team look for Bull and finds the Mechasaurus destroying the buildings of another city affected by the poison gas. Musashi changes Getter-1 into Getter-3 to drop on top of Bull and slam the Mechasaurus onto the ground. Hayato then changes Getter-3 into Getter-2 and uses Drill Arm to destroy Bull’s left arm off. Jeuola orders for Bull to fire it’s missiles at Getter Robo, but the super robot manages to dodge each of the missiles until Bull runs out. After Hayato uses Drill Punch to destroy Bull’s left arm, the Mechasaurus flies up into the sky to retreat. Ryoma changes Getter-2 back into Getter-1 and chases after Bull. Despite the Mechasaurus’ condition, Jeuola refuses to retreat and has Bull head back to fight Getter Robo. Getter Robo uses Getter Tomahawk to slice Bull’s right wing, bringing it back down to the ground. The Mechasaurus then charges toward Getter Robo with another Sword and briefly duel Getter Robo again until the super robot uses Tomahawk Boomerang to slice the other arm off. With the Mechasaurus now defenseless, Getter Robo uses the Getter Tomahawk to slice Bull down the middle, killing Jeuola, and causing it to split apart and explode.


Flight: Bull is able to fly through the sky with it’s bat-like wings. Uranium Mist: Bull is able to spread out a colored mist made out of uranium from it’s opened up chest. When it spreads a stronger uranium gas, it appears as snow at first until it lands on something and turns into a poisonous gas.

Dual Forehead Missiles: Bull can launch out two missiles from two tubes on it’s forehead.

Finger Missiles: Bull can launch out Missiles from the tips of it’s fingers.

Swords: Bull can pull out large swords from it’s spikes on it’s chest.

Head-butting: Though only used one, Bull is able to ram into it’s opponents head first with it’s horns.

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