Broadon(ブロードン Burōdon) is a Machine Beast that appeared in Episode 2 of Gear Fighter Dendoh.


Broadon has beige-colored upper body and legs while having a dark gray pelvis, head, abdomen, and arms. It has an oval-shaped head with four red eyes, four stilt-like arms connected each pair connected to two disk-shaped hands with three spikes, and a dinosaur-shaped head sticking out from it’s pelvis.


Upon seeing that Dendoh didn’t have any Data Weapons on it, Emperor Galfa has his three henchmen, Witter, Absolute, and Gourmet, to send down probes of themselves to earth to blend in with humanity and to find the Data Weapons. After the probes found one of the Data Weapons, Unicorn Drill, inside the computers of a building, they call forth a Galfa Machine Beast named B-7 from the Spiral City. B-7 and a Capture Machine Beast arrive at the area where B-7 sticks it’s beak insides a reporter’s broadcasting van and merged with it into a Machine Beast called Broadon. The defense army try attacking the Machine Beast, but Broadon endured the missiles and destroy their jets with it’s Forehead Eye Beam. After destroying the defense army’s jets, Hokuto and Ginga arrive with Dendoh, much to the probe’s dismay. Dendoh faces off against Broadon while the Capture Machine Beast goes to destroy the building itself. As Hokuto and Ginga argue on which Machine Beast to fight against, the Capture Machine Beast manages to destroy the building and reveal Unicorn Drill. After Vega let’s Ginga and Hokuto about Unicorn Drill being Dendoh’s weapon, the two boys decide to finish Broadon off immediately. Once they install a command with their Gear Commanders, Dendoh rides low on the ground on it’s leg turbines and manages to dodge Broadon’s claws. Once Dendoh gets up close enough to Broadon, it punches the Machine Beast’s head off and performs Steel Wrist Smasher to smash down through the upper body with it’s arm turbines, destroying Broadon.


Forehead Eye Beam: Broadon can shoot a purple beam from it’s fourth eye on the forehead.

Hand Laser Beams: Broadon can blast purple laser beams from it’s hands.

Claws: Broadon is equipped with three claws on each hand and is able to punch it’s opponent with them.

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