Blur(ブラー Burā ) is a Combat Machine that appears in Episode 20 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


Blue has a dark gray body with a scrawny appearance. He holds two rocket engines on it’s shoulders with red lens on the front and has scrawny arms connected to each one. It’s hand and feet are copper-colored and has a copper-colored pincher claw in place for it’s left arm. It also has one yellow eye and two antennas on top of it’s head.


Once a base was established on the planet the Earth Survey Team explored on, the Rugger Guard heads back out to space to continue their exploration mission. Taking the chance, Captain Lafitte and his fleet attack the base while another Support Fleet makes there way to the planet. The Rugger Team arrive back at the planet to check on the base but are too late as Lafitte's Fleet destroys the entire base and kills everyone. The Rugger Team decide to fight back against Lafitte's Fleet, so Captain Lafitte sends out a Combat Machine, named Blur, with orders to mainly attack Aki's vehicle. Blur manages to get Aki's vehicle to crash down onto the planet and then attacks the rest of the Rugger Team. Despite Aki being knocked out, the Rugger Team combine into Dairugger XV anyway without Aki's vehicle for the head. The team fight off against Blur while Keets manages to wake up Aki. As Dairugger XV continues getting blasted by Blur’s Shoulder Beams, Aki makes his way to his team and links his vehicle up to form Dairugger XV’s head. After hitting Blur with Rugger Beam, Dairugger XV summons the Dairugger Sword and briefly duels the Combat Machine and it’s own sword. As the duel, the Galveston ships appear and start shooting at Dairugger XV. Once the ships accidentally hit Blur with their laser beams, Aki takes the chance and gets Dairugger XV to jump up and use the Dairugger Sword to slice Blur down the middle, causing the Combat Machine to blow up into a massive explosion.


Flight: With it’s two rocket engines on it’s shoulders, Blur is able to fly through space and through air.

Shoulder Beams: On the front side of it’s shoulder rocket engines, Blur can shoot out two red laser beams.

Energy Sword: Blur is equipped with a lightsaber-like sword with red energy for the blade.

Pincher Claw: In place for it’s left arm, Blur is equipped with a pinched claw that can retract.

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