Blue Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine that appeared in Episode 9 of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


The Blue Combat Machine has slight humanoid appearance except for it’s chest. On it’s chest it has two manta ray-like head fins with a rectangle-shaped red visor in between for the eye. It’s limbed are dark blue-colored with gray bolts on the joints and has two gray bolts on it’s abdomen. It also carries a gray mechanical whip on it’s right elbow and has a blue-colored claw for the left arm.


The Rugger Guard lands on a planet for a much-needed break for everyone aboard while they wait to rendezvous with another Reinforcement Fleet. Unknown to them, there was a Galveston ship already on the planet, lead by Captain Garmon, who are waiting for a Supply Ship. Once the Galveston ship got their supplies, they head toward the Rugger Guard where the Rugger Team are alerted of their presence. When Captain Garmon sees the Rugger Team advancing toward them, he unleashes the Blue Combat Machine from their ship. Once the Rugger Team sees the Blue Combat Machine, they combine into Dairugger XV to face it. The two giant mechas start fighting each other in the air until the Blue Combat Machine uses it’s Electrical Elbow Whip to wrap around Dairugger XV’s neck and electrocutes the Rugger Team, allowing Captain Garmon’s fleet to head toward the Rugger Guard. Needing to go back to protect the Rugger Guard, Aki is told to drag the Blue Combat Machine into the sea beneath them. So once Dairugger XV drags the Blue Combat Machine undersea, Aki looks for a ledge. Once finding a ledge, Dairugger XV drags the Blue Combat Machine underneath it, where the Combat Machine still continues to electrocute them with it’s Elbow Whip. Aki orders to the Keats Team to destroy the ledge above them with detonators, burying the Blue Combat Machine and letting them escape when the Elbow Whip gets smashed. Aki summons the Dairugger Sword before the Blue Combat Machine rises out from the rubble. Dairugger XV goes toward the Blue Combat Machine and slices it down the middle, crumbling it to pieces and falling down a nearby trench where it blows up.


Flight: The Blue Combat Machine is able to fly in their air with a rocket thruster at its rear.

Laser Cannons: The Blue Combat Machine carries two laser cannons on each side of it’s front body that can fire a red laser.

Electrical Elbow Whip: The Blue Combat Machine holds an extendable whip on it’s elbow that can discharge electricity.

Swimming: The Blue Combat Machine is able to swim through the water.

Left Arm Claw: The Blue Combat Machine’s left arm has two claws. This wasn’t used during it’s battle, however.

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