Black Combat Machine is an unnamed Combat Machine that appeared in Episodes 16, 18, and 19.


The Black Combat Machine has an entirely black body with large arms that end with thee claws and walks on three legs. It has big red eyes with a nozzle-like mouth, tubes connected on it’s arms, cannons on each side of it’s abdomen, pink arrow-shaped slits on it’s legs, and four antennas with one pair pointing upward and the other pair pointed backwards.


The Two Rebellions

Upon hearing that the Galveston Empire is now trying to negotiate with the Rugger Guard, Captain Barataria believes that it won’t solve anything. In order to prove himself as a soldier for the Galveston Empire, Captain Barataria decides to rebel and gets a black-colored Combat Machine built. However, the rebellion ended up taking his life before he could even get to use the Black Combat Machine.

A Touch and Go Situation

After the death of Captain Barataria, Captain Lafitte gets promoted to Exploration Captain. When Marius' Fleet engages a joint exploration with the Rugger Team on a primitive planet, Captain Lafitte orders him to continue their own exploration which involves destroying the environment to make room for a Frontline Base. The Rugger Team fight back with Dairugger XV and even destroy Marius' Talon Combat Machine. Upon seeing the failure of another Combat Machine, Captian Lafitte decides to send out his own, Barataria’s Black Combat Machine. As soon as the Marius Fleet retreats from the planet, the Black Combat Machine arrives and confronts Dairugger XV. Aki is prepared to fight it, but Captain Ise orders him to retreat the planet and let the Galveston claim the planet, saying they already completed their objective. The Black Combat Machine punches Dairugger XV on the ground and starts stomping on the super robot. Suddenly, a giant tornado appears on the planet with Dairugger XV and the Black Combat Machine in it’s path. Captain Ise orders Aki to shake the Combat Machine off and escape. Aki does manage to get the Black Combat Machine off but he disobeys orders and tries to take down the Combat Machine with the Dairugger Sword before the tornado hits. However, the tornado hits them before Dairugger XV could bring down the sword and the two get swept up. Aki tries to get Dairugger XV to escape, by the Black Combat Machine grabs onto the super robot’s right leg to keep them in the tornado. Fortunately, Dairugger XV uses Wing Beam on the Black Combat Machine and kicks it down into the tornado. Dairugger XV manages to make it’s escape while the Black Combat Machine perishes in the tornado.

Red Moon Rising

Captain Lafitte gets the Black Combat Machine repaired in his ship while they’re keeping a close eye on the Rugger Guard when they explore a planet with an abandoned advanced civilization. Later, as the Rugger Team are exploring the civilization’s airport, the ground suddenly starts to shake and the Black Combat Machine, now fully repaired, rises out from underneath the airport. Piloted by three of Lafitte’s soldiers, the Black Combat Machine chases after Kreuz and Haruka while the others manage to get into their vehicles. The Combat Machine manages to shoot down Keets and Haruka and prepares to stomp on them, but fortunately, the rest of the Rugger Team combine with each other's vehicles and shoot at the Black Combat Machine to save Keets and Haruka. However, none of their attacks have any effect on the Black Combat Machine as it continues pursuing the two Rugger Team members. The rest of the Rugger Team manage to ram into the Black Combat Machine and knock it down long enough for them rescue Keets and Haruka. Once Keets and Haruka board into their vehicles, the Rugger Team form into Dairugger XV and immediately starts fighting against the Black Combat Machine. When Dairugger XV keeps on charging at the Black Combat Machine, it shoots whips from its right palm and grapple the super robot to bring it down. Once the Dairugger XV is on the ground, the Black Combat Machine jumps on it and begins shocking the crew with its claws. The Black Combat Machine stands Dairugger XV up as it continues shocking then, but then Aki summons the Dairugger Lancer and stabs it through the cockpit, killing the pilots. With the Combat Machine now inoperable, Dairugger XV summons the Dairugger Sword and slices the main body, causing the Black Combat Machine to blow up.


Burrowing: Whenever the Black Combat Machine enters into battle, it is shown rising up from the ground, showing that it’s able to burrow through the ground.

Forehead Cannons: The Black Combat Machine is equipped with three cannons within it’s forehead that can fire red laser beams.

Palm Grapple Whips: The Black Combat Machine can lash whips from its right palm to grapple it’s opponent.

Electrical Claws: When the Black Combat Machine grabs a hold on it’s opponent with it’s claws, it can discharge electricity through them to shock it’s opponent.

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