Birdland Mecha are unnamed Infantry Mecha that appeared in Episode 2 of Daiohja.


The Birdland Mecha have small torso areas with huge limbs. The head of the mecha, which is where the cockpit is located at, is close to the chest area. It also has two ball-shaped shoulders on the arms and has flat pincher claws on each hand.


On a planet called Birdland, a village is being ruled over by an evil Lord named Ryoushu, who has his Birdland Guards attack villages in giants mechs. When Mito and his two guards witness this, they confront Ryoushu and his right-hand man Rubitai. After Skade and Kurks reveal Mito as the Edon Prince, they summon their giant robots to prove to them. Ryoushu gets his guards to attack them with their Birdland Mecha, but Mito, Skade, and Kurks manage to fight back and destroy each one of them.


Pincher Claws: Each of the Birdland Mecha have flat Pincher Claws on each hand.

Flight: The Birdland Mecha are able to fly in the sky with rocket engines underneath their feet.

Laser Beams: Each of the Birdland Mecha can fire orange laser beams from their pincher claw hands.

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