Bios(バイオス Baiosu) is a Mega Robo that appeared in Episode 3 of Invincible Robo Trider G7.


Bios has a dark purple body with big arms and has spikes on it’s shoulders. It also has a cycloptic-eye and horns on it’s head.


While two pilots are flying around the Earth’s moon, they nearly get hit by a bunch of meteorites that land on Earth. However, once The meteorites crash on the moon, they suddenly start to pile on each other until they break apart, revealing the Mega Robo, Bios. In order to protect a fuel base on the Moon, tanks and space ships start firing at Bios, but their attacks have no effect on the Mega Robo and they end up getting destroyed. When Bios begins to attack the fuel base, Watts arrives in Trider G7 and starts to fight back against Bios. Bios manages to bring Trider G7 down and then crushes the giant robot in it’s arms. While crushing it, Bios fires a heat beam from it’s eye to try to kill Watta. Fortunately, the employees of the Takeo General Company fires the missiles from their space ship to hit Bios and make it let go of Trider G7. Once freed, Watts summons Trider Javelin and throws it at Bios, stabbing it in the chest. Watta then uses Trider Chain to bind Bios long enough for him to use Trider Bird Attack before the Mega Robo breaks free from the chain. Bios gets sliced in half at the waist by Trider Bird Attack and explodes into a fireball in space.


Meteorite Disguise: Bios can disguise itself as a group of individual meteorites when traveling through space.

Eye Beam: Bios can fire a destructive green beam from it’s one eye.

Missiles: Bios can launch four missiles from it’s abdomen.

Heat Beam: Bios can fire a heat beam from it’s one eye.

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