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Benmel(ベンメル Benmeru) is a Megaborg who appears in Episode 3 of Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3.


When in his Megaborg Form, Benmel is wearing dark purple-colored armor while having dark green thighs, upper arms, and abdomen. He is wearing a pirate hat that acts like a helmet and is carrying to missile launchers on his back and over his shoulders.


Benmel was a Meganoid Commander who shows no interest in turning humans into Meganoids, but instead capture mechanical vehicles and add them to his collection. After he steals a ship with Death Battle, which is a flying sea ship, Banjo and Beauty Tachibana go into action. Beauty boards an airplane called Eagle, while Banjo watches in his Mach Attacker. When Benmel targets the Eagle, he sends his general, Gassman, and his forces to fight off Banjo. When the forces get defeated, Benmel manages to capture the Eagle with his Death Battle. Banjo calls forth Daitarn 3 to rescue the passengers in the Eagle. Upon seeing the Daitarn 3, Benmel decides to collect it as well. So they manage to capture Daitarn 3 with Banjo still inside. Benmel takes them to his secret base, which is hidden inside a mountain, and he minaturizes the Eagle after the passengers are taken out. He then tries to minaturize Daitarn 3 with Banjo still inside, but Banjo reverses the power on his mecha and tries to prevent from being shrunk. Fortunately, Beauty manages to help the passengers escape and destroys the secret base's power source, allowing Daitarn 3 to escape. Banjo destroys the base as Daitank, as well as Benmel's collection. When Benmel goes to his Death Battle, Gassman confronts him and tells him off for being an unworthy Meganoid Commander. Benmel then goes to the Macro Machine to turn himself into a Megaborg. Now as a giant, Benmel crushes Gassman with Mega Smack. Banjo then fights Benmel with Daitarn 3. After a while, Daitarn 3 gets Benmel onto the mountain base and uses Sun Attack on him. Finally, Banjo finishes Benmel off with Daitarn Crash and kicks a hole through him and the mountain base, destroying him for good.


Mega Smack: Benmel uses this attack to crush Gassman.

Levitation: Benmel can levitate in the air.

Double-sided Axe: Benmel's main weapon as a Megaborg a staff where each end has a double-sided axe head. The staff can disconnect into two and be thrown like a boomerang.

Missile Launchers: On both of his shoulders, Benmel has two launchers that can shoot missiles.