Bardos(バルドス Barudosu) is a Rhinoceros Beetle/Mantis-hybrid Synthetic Beast and one of the first two Synthetic Beasts to appear in the first episode of Magne Robo Gakeen.


Bardos has an insect-like appearance with a dark blue thorax hide and a tan underbelly. It has yellow bug eyes, white horns underneath the eyes, two long antennas sticking upward, and has two insect-like legs.


After 2 million years, an ancient alien species called the Izawarians have restarted their attack on Earth to wipe out humanity and build their empire. They first attack by sending out their Synthetic Beast, Bardos, to attack the Tohoku Industrial Complex. Fortunately, a scientist knew about the Izawarians, named Doctor Kazuki, so he builds a robot based on magnetism to fight back. After hearing about the attack on the Tohoku Industrial Complex, Doctor Kazuki sends out three of his men in their helicopters to fight back against Bardos. When they arrive, they start shooting at Bardos, but their missiles have no effect on the Synthetic Beast. Bardos was able to destroy the jets with it’s fire breath and it’s whipping antennas. After the men fail, a man named Takeshi Hojo joins in with Doctor Kazuki's fight against the Izawarians. So Doctor Kazuki has Takeshi join his daughter, Mai, into piloting two small giant robots called Mighty and Puraiza. So when the two are sent out, Doctor Kazuki informs them to merge their human bodies to become Gakeen. When the Mai and Takeshi merge into a metallic plate, Doctor Kazuki sends out the body parts of Gakeen and they all combine into the super robot of magnetism. When Gakeen lands on the ground, Bardos appears. Gakeen fights back by using Counter Knife and Foot Shark. After a small fight, Gakeen smashes Bardos to the ground upside down. This was enough to finish off Bardos as the Synthetic Beast melts down and explodes.


Fire Breath: Bardos can shoot a stream of flames from it’s mouth

Antenna Whips: Bardos can use it’s antennas as whips.

Burrowing: Bardos can burrow up from the ground.

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