Baji(バジ Baji) is a Mollusk-based Mechasaurus who appeared in Episode 3 of Getter Robo.


Baji has the appearance of a Mollusk with a coiled-shell. It has a dark purple-colored head with beady dark green eyes, rows of teeth on the mouth, and has several pink tentacles around it’s head.


Emperor Gore plans to turn Tokyo into a desert, so he has Baji built to destroy and devour the buildings. After Baji is done being built, Emperor Gore has his general unleash balloons containing paint on Tokyo. The balloons cover the city with lots of paint. Baji is unleashed on the city and Emperor Gore tells it to attack the city based on the color of the paint. Baji keeps on shooting slime on the buildings and devours them. Before it can devour two gas tanks, Getter Robo arrives and uses Getter Kick to prevent it. After a small fight, Getter Robo uses Getter Tomahawk to chop the Mechasaur in half. However, Getter Robo discovers that Baji can multiply when chopped in half, so it has no other choice but to retreat. After the multiplied Baji creatures continue devouring the city, Professor Saotome plans to get the creatures to form into the original Baji again. So Ryoma, Hayato, and Musashi attack the multiplied Bajis with their motorcycles and laser guns. They were finally able to get all the Bajis to form into one again. So the three go back into their Getter Machines and Musashi forms Getter 3. After throwing Baji away, the Mechasaur tries to escape by drilling into the ground. So Hayato changes Getter Robo into Getter 2 and chase after Baji. After getting it out of the ground, Ryoma changes Getter Robo into Getter 1. After Baji dodges the Getter Beam, it destroys part of Getter Robo's wings, causing it spiral downwards. Baji chases after it toward the ground, but Ryoma uses this to his advantage and gets Baji to crash into the ground instead. When Baji gets out of it's shell, Getter Robo chops off his head with Getter Tomahawk and destroys the shell with Getter Beam, stopping Baji's multiplying ability and killing it for good.


Tentacles: Around Baji's head are small tentacles.

Acid Slime: Baji can shoot an acidic slime from his mouth. He is also uses this to cover his prey before eating.

Uncoiled Shell: When Baji gets inside it's shell, it can uncoil it into a drill and uses it to escape.

Multiplying: Whenever Baji gets chopped in half, his chopped off parts become separate Baji creatures.


  • Baji is the first Mechasaurus to not be based-off or inspired by any dinosaur.
    • It could‘ve been inspired by the Ammonite due to both of them wearing shells and have tentacles for limbs.
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