Bado(バド Bado) is a Pterosaurus-themed Mechasaur from Episodes 1 and 2 of Getter Robo.


Vado has the appearance of a black pterodactyl with purple membranes on the wings and blank, beady, dark yellow eyes. It has a long tail, a beak full of small teeth, two rows of short yellow spines on top of the wings, and two horns on the back of it’s head. Babo also has a metal square collar around the base of it’s neck and is shown carrying six missiles on it’s wings.


When Bado was done being built, Emperor Gore unleashed him with two other Mechasaurs to attack mankind. After the destruction of Mechasaur Saki by Getter Robo, Bado and the other two Mechasaurs came and fought against it. During the battle, Getter Robo manages to cut off one of Bado's wings with it's Getter Tomahawk. When Getter Robo retreated, the Mechasaurs complete Saki's mission and destroy the Saotome Plant. Emperor Gore calls them back in the mean time. Later, Emperor Gore unleashes the three Mechasaurs on mankind again. After Mechasaur Zai got destroyed, Bado faces off against Getter 1. They fought each other in the sky until Getter Robo uses Getter Tomahawk and chops off one of Bado's wings, destroying it in the sky.


Missiles: Bado holds missiles on his wings and can launch them.

Wings: Being a Pterosaur-based Mechasaur, Bado can fly in the air and create hurricanes with his wings.

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