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The giant robotic Kaiju that appeared in the Mecha Anime, Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. They are called Battle Mecha(戦闘メカSentō meka)and are created by the Galveston Empire. They serve as the main opponents against Dairugger XV and are usually piloted. The first half are referred to as Battle Machines(バトルマシン Batorumashin) and the second half are referred to as Battle Attackers(バトルアタッカー Batoruatakkā). Each Battle Mecha is housed within the flagship of a Fleet of the Galveston Empire. Only some of them were given names while others were left without one.

Battle Machines

Battle Machines are created at the Galveston Empire’s Frontline Base within a factory inside. They mainly have inhumanoid shapes and are usually cycloptic.

Battle Attackers

Battle Attackers were made to be more advanced than the Battle Machines with more maneuverability, more powerful weapons, and high firepower. They have more humanoid shapes and are able to match up against Dairugger XV.